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Installation of automatic wastewater monitoring station of the wastewater treatment system of Ca Mau Power Plant 1

Supply and installation of water environment monitoring system for Ca Mau 1, 2 Power Plant Wastewater Treatment Plant - Investor: CA MAU OIL AND GAS POWER COMPANY (PVPOWER CAMAU)
On January 4, 2018, Thanh Cong Automation Co., Ltd signed a contract to supply, install, connect and operate the automatic monitoring system of wastewater quality after-treatment of the "treatment plant". Wastewater treatment of Ca Mau Power Plant 1.2''
Measurement parameters: Chlorine, TSS, pH, temperature, color, output open channel flow, inlet ultrasonic flow. 

The device connected to the DCS system and the device that transmits data to the monitoring center of the Department of Natural Resources and Environment complies with Circular 24/2017/ Circular of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment on technical regulations on environmental monitoring. 


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